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Virtual Life Coaching packages


Who you are

If you are looking to identify your values, find out what your favorites are and learn what is best for you, this is the package you need.  Once you know your values, decision making becomes easier.  Decisions are no longer about the decision but about what choice aligns with your values and gets you closer to your dream.

2 months for $6,000



What you want  

In addition to finding out who you are, you need to find out what you want.  You have to know where you are going before starting your journey.  Together, we will find the path you were meant to travel towards your future.
6 months $15,000



Making your dreams come true 

In the course of a year, you will learn who you are, what you want, and you will be well on your way to reaching many goals and dreams.  This is the most exciting package to work on yourself and find out what your dreams are and how to get there.
1 year $24,000




Sessions never expire.  Sessions may be transferred to another person.  

Payments must be paid 48 hours in advance of your first session.

All sessions may be rescheduled with a 24-hour notice.  Cancelation fee of $500 for cancelations of less than 24 hours.

Contact me to purchase and schedule sessions.