Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is a way to help you find your true self.  Good coaches are able to not direct clients but to assist them in finding the answers inside of them.  Coaching is like talking to your best friend – but with no judgement.  My goal is for you to learn something about yourself that you didn’t know before the session.  I keep you accountable to work towards your goals and dreams.  I do not apply pressure on you.  You work at the speed that works for you.

Many fortune 500 companies hire coaches for their upper executives.  Why shouldn’t you?  Coaching is increasing in its popularity in recent years.  The benefits are seen for all ages, all careers, all life situations.  Coaching isn’t selfish.  Spending time on improving yourself makes you a better person.  Coaching improves you as a partner, parent, employee, and family manager.  See how far you can advance with only a few sessions a month.

Currently, there is no requirements to say you are a life coach.  Be careful who you hire and make sure they have the education you deserve.

I went to school to become a Master Certified Life Coach and am working on receiving my ICF (International Coaching Federation) Credentials.  The ICF is the gold standard in coaching.  All of my training is under an ICF-accredited training programs.  All of my coaching follows the ICF Code of Ethics.  I attend multiple continuing education trainings a year.

No.  Coaching and therapy are different fields and follow different structures.  Therapists help you deal with past traumas.  Coaching helps you aim for your future goals.  Coaching helps you to figure out what you want to do with the one life you have.  Once you decide where you want to go, we figure out, together, how to get there.

A consultant may tell you what to do or make suggestions for how to solve an issue.  A good coach would never lead you somewhere but would help you find where your true self needs to go.  A consultant may suggest options for you to take, as a result of their experience.  A good coach will help you find the options inside of you.  Everyone is unique.  Just because something worked for me or someone else, doesn’t mean it will work for you.  You need to find what works for you, so that you can advance.  I’m here to help you find out what that is.