I became a Master Certified Life Coach because I love to help people.  I can see the greatness in people, even when they can’t.  I love to help people find their greatness.  

All people have dreams and I’m here to help you find the path you were meant to travel.  In your coaching sessions, you find out who you really are and what you really want in life.  Once we figure out where you want to be in life, then we figure out how to get you there.  

I help you to find your path.  Paths aren’t always straight.  Your destination may change through time.  I know mine did.  Don’t worry if your goals change.  There’s always a path to take to reach your new goal or dream.  You may not know what that path is now, but, together, we will find it.  

I love to help people and that can be seen in some of my past jobs.  I have worked in criminal justice, medical, customer service and youth leader positions.  I have a wide variety of experience in many fields.  However, with coaching, I don’t need to know anything about your field for me to be able to help you.  You are the expert, and you have all the knowledge we need.  I’m trained in how to help you to find the answers that may be buried deep inside of you.  

I have had the courage to leave well-paying jobs, for less pay but more happiness.  I may have felt the fear, but I took the jump, knowing in the end, that I thought it through, and I’d be able to figure out a solution, even if the worst happened.  I can help you to face your fears and meet your goals.  

Let me help you to find the courage to follow your dreams!!